We ship the goods all over the European Union, and also for a special order. The delivery time in Germany is 24 hours, and in other European Union countries up to 7 days. We accept only large wholesale (pallets, containers).

The minimum order is usually 500 kg , depending on whether a given clothing stock is sold by pieces or by kilograms. The piece goods are usually sold according to a packing list (percentage of jackets, coats, jackets, dresses, trousers, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, accessories, etc. included in a given product) about which the customer is informed before taking the order. We operate both as a stationary store and an online clothing wholesaler, so goods can be ordered via the website, by e-mail, by phone, or purchased directly in the warehouse.

You can see the goods in person before purchasing. The customer can choose from prepared packages (you cannot choose individual items of clothing). 

We do not accept returns. Goods purchased through an online clothing warehouse (website), by e-mail or by phone can be exchanged for another, provided that the complete goods are returned intact to the address of our warehouse. Orders greater than one pallet are not exchangeable.