Wholesale clothing outlet deals in the sale of branded clothes, footwear, underwear, jewelry, sunglasses from world famous brands and concerns such as: Missguided, Guess, , Jack Jones), H&M, & Other Stories, Disney, Name it, Zara. Wholesale of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing.

The assortment of our clothes warehouse consists of outlet products, i.e. customer returns, end of collection (goods not sold in the store), excess quantities or samples (pre-production patterns). Customer returns may show slight traces of use (dirt), defects (jammed zipper, no button, break, break tearing at the seam, so relatively easy to fix) or no paper tags. The ends of the collection and samples are new, unused products. Some manufacturers, due to their policy, cut out all tags (both paper and internal), so new clothes may also be deprived of them.

As a rule, outlet clothes do not have a size chart. Shop returns and collection tips are a mix of different models and sizes (you cannot choose single items, only packages). Samples are usually produced in one of the most popular sizes (women’s M, men’s L). 

We are also able to import clothing stocks (brands) on individual order, which we normally do not have in stock .


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