About Us

DS is a wholesaler of second hand clothing and end of line collections.

Our values

We guarantee strict compliance to all procedures in journeys.

Fashion has always been our passion as a way of expressing ourselves, our creativity and this passion is what we want to pass on to you and your customers. We offer you only brands that are world leaders in fashion! We act out of concern for the environment, we look at fashion responsibly. Second-hand fashion has a real chance to change the world, so it has become our mission, goal and most important value. We cannot imagine overproduction of clothes and their disposal when the collection leaves the store.

New clothing with labels without flaws or defects, in line with current fashion trends or with slight defects that can be eliminated. You decide!

Worldwide delivery

You can select the type of clothing, quantity, method of delivery and even honour us with your presence. We help you maximize profits. You decide! We work with the best. With brands that set the world trends. France, Germany, Belguim Netherland provide us with goods of the highest quality, which we proudly offer to you.

We have developed a unique sales system that maximizes profits for the buyer, ensuring that both the retailer and the end customer are fully satisfied with their purchases.

Our partners